Alpes startexpedition

The journey of men 

15 - 19 juli 2024

 5 day trekking in the Alpi Orobie mountains in Italy.

Leave everything you know behind and find yourself.

Your goal:

Experience adventure in life.

Reflect your path, set course.

Connect deeper with yourself.

Improve relations with others.

Developing inner strength and focus. 

You will receive:

Mental + digital detox.

Coming home to yourself.

A deep sense of brotherhood with other man. 

Experience your strength and vitality.

Deeper insight in who you are, what you want, and what holds you back.

What is the journey of men?

Your intention is to develop yourself, to become more aware of who you are, discover more deeply what is your own path. This expedition is a powerful way to help you focus on this intention and achieve important change in your life. You distance yourself from everything in your life, what remains is you. During an intake we look at what your adventure in your life is, what hinders you and how you want to use the journey outside for your journey inwards. The journey outdoors brings physical, mental and emotional challenges, and moments to enjoy total relaxation, peace and being one with yourself. This helps you to get to the core of yourself, and of your intention.

With just your backpack to carry, your tent, mat and sleeping bag, with all food with us, we are completely off-grid. Free and nothing els to do then to arrive at our next camp, set up your tent, cook, eat. Simple things bring you back to basic. The overwhelming nature of the high mountains makes that you distance yourself from the hectic pace of your daily life. You will experience a sense of reset. Only you remain. A simple man in a great universe. Then you are great company for yourself!

The hero's journey

The leading guide on this expedition is the so-called ‘hero’s journey’ by Joseph Campbell. The hero's journey is a metaphor for the journey you make as a human being on your way to yourself, your authenticity, your heart. During the expedition we go through the 8 phases of the journey guided by the classic and beautiful story of Parcifal, which gives us courage, confidence, and important insights and inspiration for our own road. 
Day by day we travel through the eight stages of the hero’s journey. They offer you a framework to reflect on where you came from, where you are on your journey now, and what lies ahead, to help you find your own path in life. You will see the lessons you learned, the ones you are learning now and the ones that are waiting for you. You make steps right then and there. This is taking the challenge of your adventure.
Excercises, rituals, sharings, meditations guide you to deepen your awareness of yourself. Sometimes alone, sometimes while walking in conversation with someone else, sometimes with the other men in the circle. You share your experiences, feelings, thoughts and get feedback from your brothers. In doing so, the trainers provide a safe and in-depth setting. Some moments there is opportunity for individual coaching. This way you determine your own path during the trip.

Only men
Going out with a group of men will give you a unique experience of friendship and brotherhood with men. Most of us have never experienced this before in our life. We form a tribe of men, which means you endure and persist together the force of the elements of nature, you support and confront each other, enjoy and laugh together, build camp and cook together, share around the fire. This creates trust, strength and vulnerability and a deep connection with yourself and the other men. Travel companions on the road outside and in, you are a support and mirror of each other's process. So you can form a new image of how to shape your own masculinity. Of how you want to be man. 

The physical effort makes that you reconnect with your body, experiencing your strength and vitality. Man you will feel so alive. In normal life we usually think our way out of problems, producing the same known answers over and over again without really finding new insights. When you walk, space automatically opens in your head. Walking sets the brain literally in motion. Your mind becomes more open to receive unexpected and in-depth insights, that naturally arise. 

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Toestemmen & tonen


'Impressive, intense, beautiful. You bring great connection in the group, 

Your guides on this journey

Gerard and Ynze guide this expeditions together since 2020. They made many trekkings together over the past 25 years, usually camping in the wildernis, in all seasons, in the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Himalayas.

I believe that every human being can become more free, more individual aware. I enjoy working with men to free energy to find their own way of being a man. free from expectations of others. I have had many, many lessons from many mentors and teachers on my journey. Important were gestalt psychology, non-duality and meditation, shamanism, karate and wave surfing, systems dynamics and my study as a drama teacher. All these are now elements in the journey of men. I worked as a training actor and manager, still work as a trainer and coach and since 2020 I started de reis van de man / the journey of men.

Ynze has shown me how essential it is to use my masculine strength and wisdom in my family. A participant.

Until 2022, I worked for over 35 years as a body-oriented and art therapist in psychotherapeutic centers. I especially like to work with gestalt and transactional-analysis, and I propagate that. I immediately look for contact in the here now where I and the other look each other straight in the eye and really meet.

Gerard brings loads of energy to go for it. Whether that is physically, emotionally, or energetically. He stands like a tree. A participant.

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Toestemmen & tonen

It became clear why I sometimes get stuck and what I can do about it. For the first time since long I connect with my feelings again.


Practical information

For who is it?

This expedition is for men who want to develop themselves personally and love nature. The group consists of a maximum of 12 men of different ages and backgrounds. We walk 4 to 5 hours a day with a backpack of 10 - 15 kilos. If you're basic fit, you will handle that just fine.

Where are we going?
The trip goes to  the Alpi Orobie, in the Italian Alps. We go on a trekking with backpack, tents and food completely into the unspoiled nature of the high mountains. looking for pure adventure. However, since this is a start expedition, somewhere on the trip we will seek the comfort of a mountainrefuge  for one night, with a bed and a nice Italian style mountain diner.

What do you need?
You provide your own materials. After your registration, you will receive a pack-list. But don't worry, expensive gear like hiking boots, backpack, sleeping mat you can easily rent against a reasonable price. We send the options in the pack-list.

Dates 2024

July 15 -19, 2024 - 5 day backpack trekking.

Travel time to and from the location in Italy is not included. You organise your own trip there. After signing up, you get access to the whatsapp group to find travel buddies. Expect to drive for 12 to 14 hours. There are also flights to several airports near Milan. Information on request available.

Wat are the costs?

From €1175,--  for private persons with net income of max. € 4500,--
This is in Holland mostly tax deductable as cost for personal development.

Click here for Rates and Conditions.

 In the expedition I took my foot off the brake. I live more from my inner strength and compass. My collegues asked me: 

'what happend man. You radiate so much peace and strength.'


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Toestemmen & tonen

'Hey man! You feel your heart beating? This is your call to adventure.'


Meet first before taking the decision? 

You want to change something important to you. This expedition is a great chance to make a change in your life. 
So, maybe you still have doubts. And you want to check out if this is the right place for you. If you trust us with the guidance of this important journey. 
Then schedule a free session.

'If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, 

you know it's not your path. 

Your path you make with every step you take. That is why it is your path.'  

 Joseph Campbell


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