General conditions

1. Difficulty of the trekking

In the mountains we hardly talk about kilometers because of the altimeters. On average, we walk between 4 and 5 hours a day with a backpack of 15 to 18 kilos.  All trekkings are doable for every normally fit man up to the age of 65. Depending on your preparation, the trip will be more or less difficult. Participants are responsible to arrive with a reasonable basic level of fitness (with a 15 kilo backpack, walking 15 km on unpaved paths without any problems).


2. Safety

The guides have many years of experience in the mountains with trekking and wild camping. Also with participants who have hardly been to the mountains. Therefor we tell in advance that there can be times in the mountains when it is necessary for the safety of the grojust do as your told and follow instructions from the guides. Guides will do everything to provide you with a beautiful, challenging and yet safe experience.However nature is a force that cannot be controlled. Ultimately, participants are individually responsible for their own safety.

2. Registration, intake, briefing

Participants who are joining for the first time or have doubts plan an online intake/introduction before their final application. In case of medical complaints, it is recommended to contact a doctor and then consult with DEREISVANDEMAN. For all expedtions  there is a briefing and introduction meeting with all participants a few weeks before the trip. This meeting is the start of the joint journey, is part of the preparation. We therefore assume that everyone will be present. The physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the trip are discussed. Participants share their intention for development as the first step in preparation. 

3. Equipment

After your application, you receive a packlist. Please check this list as soon as possible. The mandatory items must be in the possession of each participant. Not possessing safe material can put yourself and others at risk. If the mandatory items are not present at the start of the trip, participation in the trip may be refused. This is to protect yourself or the group. You don't have to buy lots of expensive gear. Many of the necessary materials can also be rented at hikershouse 
All participants bring their backpacks and shoes for checking to the introduction meeting, and if they want other. materials.

4. Privacy

We kindly ask you to provide your own personal data when registering. Use the official name that appears in your passport. DEREISVANDEMAN takes photos and videos during the trip for marketing purposes. Prior to the trip, participants may or may not agree to this. Participants can request the removal of published material at any time.


5. The comfort of the journeys

On camping treks, we will go back to basics, as close to nature as possible. This is part of the journey. You sleep together in two-person tents. We cook ourselves, extremely simple. We are highly weather dependent during these tours. In case of bad weather, it may be necessary to move to a (mountain) hut. The cost of this is not included in the package price and is usually around €70 per night, including dinner and breakfast. If mountain huts are used, several people will sleep in a room. There is usually no choice in this. When we use accommodations for residential training, they are chosen with great care. They are generally good, but focused on being as close as possible to nature, privacy and self-sufficiency. Here, too, you usually sleep in double rooms, without choice. If a single room is conditional, the participant will contact DEREISVANDEMAN in advance to discuss whether this is possible.

7. Getting to the location

The transport to the location will be arranged by the participant.s themselves. After registration, you will be added to a whatsapp group with the participants to find travel buddies. DEREISVANDEMAN provides general advice on airports and local transport. DEREISVANDEMAN indicates the date, time and location where the collection is taking place.


8. Tailor-made options

If you would like a tailor-made trip, you can contact us with your wishes or questions. Additional conditions often apply to customization.


9. Terms of payment

When your registration has been received, you receive a confirmation and invoice by e-mail, with a deposit of 25% of the travel sum. Your reservation is definitive as soon as the deposit is received by DEREISVANDEMAN. 
However, you always have a 7-day cooling-off period starting at the day of your registration within which you can cancel free of charge.The remainder must be paid no later than 6 weeks before departure.

10. Cancellation of client

The cancellation costs are € 50 up to 2 months before the start of the tour. Between 2 months and 1 month before departure 25% of the total price. In case of cancellation within one month before departure, the cancellation fee is 100%. 
Inform with DEREISVANDEMAN for possibilities of a voucher for a next event, minus already made costs.

For a cancelled place, DEREISVANDEMAN offers the participant or organization the opportunity to be replaced by a colleague/friend. This potential participant will first need to do an intake. Absence as well as early termination of a trip will not be compensated.


11. Continuation of the journeys

DEREISVANDEMAN guarantees tours will take place when there are a minimum of 4 participants. In the unlikely event that participants cancel on an already guaranteed trip, it is possible that this trip no longer has the minimum number of participants. In that case, the departure guarantee does not expire. The journey will then continue as usual.


12. Replacement of Guides

If a DEREISVANDEMAN guides is unable to attend due to force majeur, DEREISVANDEMAN will look for a suitable replacement within its network of coaching and outdoor professionals.


13. Cancellation by DEREISVANDEMAN

DEREISVANDEMAN always has the right to cancel a planned trip or move it to another date, without being held liable for this and without paying compensation. In that case, the participants who have already registered have the right to unsubscribe and the amount already paid will be refunded in full.


14. Liability

The participant is explicitly informed that, except for cases of civil liability, DEREISVANDEMAN is not responsible for damage (whether material, bodily injury or death) caused by accidents before, during or after the trips.

The liability of DEREISVANDEMAN is limited to the amount of the course fee.

DEREISVANDEMAN is never liable for consequential damages.


15. Health

Depending on the trip, a moderate to good physical condition is required.

In case of medical complaints, it is recommended to contact a doctor and then consult with DEREISVANDEMAN.
Simple medical problems can be taken care of by the tour guides.

In case of serious medical problems and/or accidents, evacuation can usually only be done by helicopter. All direct and indirect costs arising from this are substantial and at the expense of the participant. Check if this is covered in your travel insurance

16. Travel Insurance

Participants provide their own travel insurance. In the case of mountain trips,'Helicopter rescue in the mountains on hiking trips on beaten paths' is the most important coverage. Good options are through the ANWB and De Europeesche (both also with cancellation insurance possible), and via the NKBV.


17. Environmental Policy Statement

DEREISVANDEMAN is aware of the effect that travel has on nature and  therefore attaches great importance to offering high-quality and sustainable products. Trips are organized  on car and train distance from Holland. Carpooling is strongly supported by DEREISVANDEMAN. We love and respect nature. We live and travel in connection with nature. Of course, we don't leave anything behind in nature and try to disturb life there as little as possible.



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