How you want to be man?

Free, loving and self-aware. 

Expeditions Alpes 2024

Vitalising and deepening journeys in the mountains and inside yourself.

15 - 19 juli:  The journey of men (English speakers welcome)
5 day trekking in tent and mountainhut

08 - 12 juli: Wildeman, warrior, lover, king. (Dutch)
5  day wildernisexpedition with tents.


This is where you can start the journey within yourself. You want to discover more about yourself. Freeing yourself from all expectations about who you should be. You want to lead yourself from your heart, live full, instead off holding yourself back.  To live your life from your inner strength and freedom is an adventure.
Together with other men you will free you energy and learn to be present with all your talents and your dark sides. Because there and then you become whole. This is where the connection with yourself and others arises. And to discover that in yourself is to come home. As a man, a husband, a leader, a colleague, a father.


  The foundation of the journey of men


Beinig happy is not about being perfect, it is about being whole. And live from that integration. We work on all levels of being, Developing and integrating mental, emotional and physical intelligence. 

Develop your own masculinity by  connecting with other men as brothers.
  Experience deep, open, caring and playful male friendship. 


I guide you to find your path in life. We use knowledge and practices from many traditions like martial arts,  meditations, theater, constellations, mythology, jungian and gestaltpsychology, indigenous rituals and intiations.


I am coach and travel guide for men. And a man like you, on the road in life with ups and downs, looking for success and happiness, just like you. My professional background is that I worked 30 years in the field of personal development, just like you are an IT specialist, controller, manager, teacher or entrepreneur.

I am very happy to help you with your adventure of becoming more free and connected, more fully yourself. You want to mirror yourself, share your doubts, feelings and dilemmas, to grow towards more vitality and connection.  You personal growth as a human being and a man. 

I challenge you to discover yourself. To choose the hero in you, who wants to go on an adventure.  Living life to the fullest, from your inner strength and freedom. Because if you don't hold back, but give yourself completely and are there with all your talents and your dark sides, then you are whole as a human being. There is the connection with yourself and others. And to discover that in yourself is to come home. Then you can be completely yourself, business and private.

Most men still deeply in themselves experience they have to stand, solve their problems alone or otherwise be shamed as weak. I like to spar with you about what concerns you, where you get stuck, where you want to go to be a man the way you want to be, regardless of all the expectations and standards that others have about you. I would love to hear your travel story as a man, which path you see for yourself. I'd love to walk with you on that path. Maybe you have an important choice to make, maybe it's about connecting or letting go of something.
Adventure awaits you.


 expeditions Alpes

 Distance from everything, back to basic 

  • digital and mental detox
  • come home to yourself
  • intens adventure outward and inward
  • brotherhood and friendship 

 individual coaching

Your focus, your development, your pace.

  • grow your personal strength
  • become more self-aware
  • refind purpose in your work and life

handling anger

Learn to turn your anger into strength.

  • Individual coaching for men in angermanagement.

Men about Ynze

'Ynze has a unique way of approaching your problems. He listens very well and gives you space to reflect. I highly recommend Ynze for any man that wants to develop himself. It is a difficult step but the reward is great.'

- Eric van Dooren, osteopaat